Friday, June 17, 2005

penetrate the unexplainable

What explains this extraordinary turn of events? For several decades, men tried so very hard to penetrate the unexplainable. For several decades, thinkers and intelligence agencies steadfastly refused to directly specify whether, or under what circumstances, space exploration would benefit humankind. Is it merely to study the being of other creatures in another planets? Is it to share the space in which planet earth is gaining full occupancy, like the imaginary yet illogical Men In Black movie?

This brings us to thinking, is it at all that crucial for this study? Or is it more of a culture? That men should be so much advanced to be recognised, to be looked upon, to be developed? I am no scientist, nor am I a thinker, far more than a genius, but I would want to think as a layman, who happens to gain some knowledge here and there - and a person such as I would think that men research and analyse things that are far beyond their sight, be it visible and invisible, because of the need to improve lives. And this very motive should remain. And this motive is to achieve another motive, that is to ensure a better living of humankind.

You don't advance yourself to destroy others. Hence, a strategic ambiguity. I suppose in this case, ambiguity is better than clarity...

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