Thursday, June 16, 2005

losing the tradition

Looking into this issue in a more focused way brings about an idea of what constitutes success. On one side there is a party that intends to re-create the "brains" of Coleq as a rational machine for the maximum equal satisfaction of actual human desire. Coupled with this desire of personal achievement is the personal jealousy that may have been indirectly implanted within oneself.

Perhaps this is the only permissible public goals that may call for equality and the like. Perhaps the person at the helm of an institution should not forget to remember that an institution is an institution, what more if it is built upon tradition; and not change it into some human institution that is deprived of human voices.

Having mentioned this, true success would mean establishing traditional goals and institutions that excludes from the public sphere, traditionally conceived as legitimate objects of public concern. Ignorance of traditional values would only constitute a fundamental defeat of future victory. The authorised party today seems purely liberal, and becoming more self-centred, as is with many quarters in the world today.

It is thus understandable should one, particularly if he was in that position before, to be sentimental about certain breaking events such as this. The facts that were brought to our attention in fact touch deep to our sensitivity. What I can assume, from my simple point of view, is that the enforcement party is either doing what he thinks is right, or in line what some think is right, or in line with some personal vengeance that might have arisen of traditional jealousy, for jealousy is the grave of affection. Having had the power in hand, the settings of policies by asserting their objective authority, seems to prevail.

On that front, success is thus measured by academic excellence - which is totally wrong. After all, the education system in our country is currently not right. Passing examinations seems to be the ultimate measure for success. It is thus very very saddening to learn that there is a breach of potential leadership penetration by one whom should be the thinker of future generation.

I personally believe that tradition is a fruit of culture into all aspects of life, the extension of civil rights to make correctness a duty in almost all settings that are not utterly private, and the centralization, ideological uniformity and propagandistic nature of mainstream education and life as a whole; or our old folks wouldn't ever have thought of the saying, biar mati anak, jangan mati adat.

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