Friday, June 17, 2005

the habits...again

The "7-habit" is not the definite answer to being a highly effective, successful person for the fact that one should not be confined to reading (in this case the bestselling book) and adopting the practices just because he or she wants to believe that the idea of it may be THE contributory factor to his/her being effective and successful.

What is of utmost importance is one's self trust in oneself. Reading the book for instance may be of help (the line where I wrote - "for the idea, yes, this 7-habit may do you some favour...") for one would need to be awaken from within to come to certain realisation. When I quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson on "walking alone...", it was to tell that one should not be doing things just because the others are, just to be on par with the more cultured groups (hence the example of Dome Cafe, imported goods etc...).

One should do what one believes in, perhaps with certain guidance from certain sources because that is what he or she believes. I am not against the ideas by Mr.. or rather Dr... Covey, for all the 7 good habits he listed I agree, and I, in a way or the other, practise some of them, nor am I fully agreeable to it. And the fact that it's an idea or maybe life principle to help make everyone successful, true, and the fact that it's also to generate some returns, monetary and non-monetary, is also true. That brought me to touch a bit on happiness.

While happiness is a man's main aim in life, in modern world like today, can happiness surface without some other elements attributing to it? Such as money? That may be subject to arguments. To me, and from my observation, material seems to slowly prevail over others in today's world of the so-called globalisation and liberalisation.

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