Saturday, June 18, 2005

an open book

How can you read my mind like an open book? Are you given a block of marble and later, the tools to shape it into your sculpture? Or do you possess that fascinating powerful idea which is absolutely meaningless until you choose to use it? Or are you a testimony of what many philosophers and psychologists have stated that a very important relationship betwen our feelings toward others and the way we feel is by thinking of other people, putting our thoughts to dismantle whatever blocks that are causing our anxieties?

But seriously, human beings do have the ability to read minds and connect to each other on the spiritual level, beyond the limitations of the external forms.

Measurement of a depth is not by choice rather by calculated anticipation. Basically it's admiring your wisdom. Nonetheless, men, just like women, are as unpredictable as weather that's what they say. Being human, there is a combination of feelings, emotions, mood. Sometimes, we'll kiss someone and know that that's the person we'll be kissing for the rest of our lives, without having to understand what's on his mind. Maybe it's a process of learning, trying to understand each other.


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