Monday, July 04, 2005

the attachment

No one can go back to where he has left. He may turn back, however just to find that it is no longer exactly the same. Seasons change and so do people. It is the ordinary pattern of life that we meet and part, fall in and out, tie and break connections - all around the edges of something, for the edges are always there, at times when we are arriving and departing, and these times, more often they come too swiftly, and unless we seize these brief moments, we may end up missing what should have been a part of us.

And so a coffee maker appreciates the smell of coffee, when his customer craves for its taste. Two people appreciate the same thing differently, but it's the coffee that brings them together. It's the experience of sharing; for we all share some things in common, we share time to live, air to breathe. We share an identity we just never realise for we share passion of all things beautiful.

Looking back, remembering where we met our best friends, we see that many of those friendships emerged in the context of doing something interesting together over time. We went to school together. We worked in the same company. We were members of the same forum maybe, or gather at a teh tarik session.

We may begin with one shared interest and discover others.

It's only when the connection is repeated that a difference is made...

...when days of absence become days of sadness, thus clothing us in sorrow's dark array. And inside us, worry that never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, makes its presence. And little do we realise that it only saps today of its joy. .. Grasp no more than the heart will hold.


A Senior said...

and when there is nothing more in common, and when the expanse of time fails to provide the insipid links between the two, all is broken. nothingness emerges, and what is left is dust of yesteryears, of friendship begone.

CestmoiCK said...

Hi TAd,

Nice blog :)


CestmoiCK said...

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