Thursday, August 05, 2010

time flies

Time flies, and I almost gave up on my blog, but now I'm back here, writing again, after almost two years of absence. Boy, isn't that a long time for a disappearing act. The truth is I have never stopped writing but a lot has happened to me in the past couple of years. Perhaps I should just skip that part of my life and move on to telling what my heart wants to tell. I wish with my comeback, I can continue my piece of "LEINAD" and also the beginning of "ARTUNAPSHI" for which i've written its prologue some two years ago.

Although "Leinad" is becoming history now, I feel its story is worth telling. After all, it is all about life, and this is exactly what my Blog is all about. I suppose now I know what taddiscovers is all about. I didn't exactly know then, but I guess I do now. It's not about philosophy, neither is it about films or fiction, it's about everything that life has to offer - people, places, emotions, careers, journals... everything.

I have lost a few people since I discovered taddiscovers , and I have met a few new people too since. One thing for sure, they come and go, but the memories of them remain.

And these memories are what I keep in this "house" I call RumahBilut...

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